Now more than ever Australia is looking to rebuild our economy and re-skill job seekers for new industries that are providing great opportunities. With encouragement from the Australian Government to re-skill for these industries, it may be the perfect time to consider an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway – or a trainee or apprentice for your business. Apprenticeship Central is the online jobs

board for Australians looking for career path opportunities or looking for staff. As industries start to recover and new industries emerge, more opportunities will become available. An online jobs board (and so much more!), Apprenticeship Central supports employers looking for staff and job seekers looking for work.

For Employers looking for apprentices or trainees:

  • It costs nothing to lodge your position with Apprenticeship Central
  • You will reach thousands of job seekers searching for opportunities, including the large amount of out-of-trade apprentices and trainees who have recently lost positions due to Covid-19
  • You will have access to resources and support to ensure your newly employed or currently employed apprentice or trainee successfully completes their training.
  • It’s easy to register and start posting your job vacancy – REGISTER NOW

For job seekers, including high school students looking to start a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship, school leavers and mature-age job seekers:

  • There are hundreds of positions available in a wide variety of industries
  • You can access resources that will help you to make the right career path choice, like career assessment activities, or helpful videos from ordinary people sharing their experiences
  • Once registered, you will receive weekly job alerts, matching you to apprentice or trainee positions that you are searching for
  • It’s easy to register and you can start looking right away – REGISTER NOW

What are the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway?

  • You learn on-the-job, practical industry training'(and your employer gains someone trained for their business requirements)
  • You get paid while completing your qualification (so you don’t need to find a part time job like many university students do!)
  • It can take you to higher places if you want it to – like being your own boss, climbing the ranks to management positions, or entry to further career pathways
  • You can earn as much or more than many university graduates over their lifetime
  • There are no gap periods from graduation to employment – and you are more likely to stay employed as you have already made industry contacts through your on-the-job training

So what are you waiting for? Get searching through Apprenticeship Central to find your next employee or your next career move!

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