Support for your Transition from School and into Employment BUSY Ability is a provider of the Australian Government funded Disability Employment Services (DES). As part of DES, BUSY Ability can provide support for students with disability to receive assistance as an Eligible School Leaver (ESL), assisting them to transition from school and into employment. For many years, BUSY Ability has had great success in assisting students (who are able to work a minimum of eight hours per week) to gain and maintain employment.

BUSY Ability offers a range of assistance including identifying a student’s strengths and interests, exploring and finding opportunities in industries of choice, building a great resume and developing strong interview skills. While supporting students to attend job interviews and prepare for work, BUSY Ability ensures that any employment opportunity is a good match for both the student & employer. Once employment is found we provide suitable workplace clothing (if required), deliver on-the-job training and wherever needed we provide ongoing assistance to the student and the employer to ensure both parties are satisfied and that employment is maintained.

Eligibility criteria to receive the assistance of BUSY Ability as an ESL client includes:

    • Students with disability who are in their final year of secondary school. We can assist you to prepare for and gain employment.
      • This is usually year 12, however with agreement of the parents/guardian, school and being the appropriate age, BUSY Ability can assist students in year 11 or earlier if the student will not be undertaking year 12.
    • Where a student intends to undertake a School Based Traineeship as part of their secondary school curriculum.
      • School Based Traineeships are a fantastic way for a student to get a start in an industry career and gain work experience, in readiness for leaving school. BUSY Ability can assist in making this happen by looking for opportunities with suitable employers and providing support to them during the traineeship.

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