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1 in 5 people experience a disability in their lifetime, yet they are 30% less likely to be employed in work? This is excluding a huge number of potential employees for our workforce, employees who are talented, experienced and willing to work!

We’re setting out to change this by encouraging inclusion in work places in our region.

We’re asking businesses in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW to Take the Pledge today to be an employer that is focussed on inclusion.

Join some of our region’s leading businesses and become part of the Employ-Ability 100 – a community initiative to increase employment and social inclusion for people living with disability.

With the goal for 100 businesses pledging to hire a person with disability, this will go a long way towards building awareness and encouraging a working community that is focussed on inclusion – where everyone is able to contribute to society.

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Contact us on 1800 761 561 or email info@busyability.org.au

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Are you living with disability and looking for work? BUSY Ability can assist.

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