Encouraging diversity in the workplace and jobs for people living with disability, injury or illness


CoAct BUSY Ability is a provider of the Australian Government funded Disability Employment Services (DES).

We can provide support for people with injury, illness or disability to receive assistance into employment.

We work closely with you to assess where you are at now and where you would like to be, providing you with support to overcome any barriers to work, and providing ongoing support once you commence employment.

We’re a leading Disability Employment Services provider that focuses on putting you first. We have helped thousands of people in the past 30 years to achieve their employment goals.

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  • Identify your strengths
  • Help you to overcome any barriers to work
  • Write a resume
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Find work experience opportunities
  • Upskill or reskill
  • Support with licenses, tickets, transport and workplace clothing
  • Explore options to find local job opportunities
  • Match your skills to the needs of employers
  • Achieve your employment goals
  • Offer ongoing support along your employment journey

Once you commence employment, we offer further support that you may need in the workplace including helping you learn your work tasks, settle in, resolve any concerns, and assess if any modifications are needed to assist you in your role.

We’re proud to be a Disability Employment Services provider who tailors our support to each individual client.


Disability Employment Services is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide eligible people living with disability, injury or a health condition access to individually tailored employment services.

We provide support into work and find jobs for people:

  • with autism
  • living with mental health concerns like anxiety or depression
  • living with physical disability
  • living with intellectual disability
  • who are injured or sick and cannot return to their previous job

We can also support you if you are currently working and your job is at risk due to living with disability, illness or injury.

We focus on your ability and support you to find meaningful work that suits you and your current circumstance.

The more help you need, the more you get. Whether you want to supplement your income support payment with a part-time job, return to the workforce after an injury or health condition, or overcome a barrier to employment, our disability employment services is here to help.

Our comprehensive suite of services enables us to deliver flexible, fully-personalised programs for you. Each year, we help hundreds of people to find and maintain employment in Queensland and Northern NSW and are proud to be an advocate for all people who are interested in working regardless of their circumstance.

Driven by our values of compassion, working with integrity, and a commitment to driving and embracing change, we know that we’re leading the nation’s shift toward recognising the abilities and contributions of every Australian. By building open and honest relationships with every one of our clients, we see the value in every workplace candidate and strive to help them see their unique way of contributing to the world as well.

Focused first on social engagement and building connections and then equipping our clients with the practical skills needed to navigate the workforce, we’re proud to be a disability employment services provider, working alongside Australia job seekers who are looking for extra support.

Hear From Customers We’ve Supported Through Disability Employment Services

BUSY Ability has been working with Australians living with disabilities for over 30 years to help them find meaning in their contributions to the workforce. Believing that every person can pursue their professional and personal goals, we have helped thousands of people find an employment opportunity that suits their unique ability level and interests. Here are some great examples of happy clients who have found fantastic meaning and purpose in their work through our disability employment services.

Adam lands his dream job!

Diagnosed with Autism, Adam received support and assistance from BUSY Ability that helped him secure an apprenticeship as a Heavy Vehicle/Diesel Mechanic. Read More

Imogen is loving her new job in child care

Imogen’s career dream was to work with children, something she had been passionate about for many years. When a Childcare Traineeship opportunity came up with Benowa Children’s Centre, Imogen was put forward for the role. Read More

Max was made for office work!

When Max Anderson and his mother came to BUSY Ability, they were determined to find Max some work experience, to assist his transition from school (which he is undertaking remotely) and into employment. This was not particularly easy as aside from having autism, Max also has a severe spinal disorder that requires him to receive daily care. Read More

Kaitlyn is working with dogs – and loving it!

BUSY Ability supported Kaitlyn into a work experience opportunity with a local dog-grooming salon, Vanity Fur. From this opportunity, Kaitlyn impressed Charlotte Ogden, owner of Vanity Fur, and was soon offered a part time traineeship with the business. Read More

BUSY Ability can assist you to Find Meaningful Employment too!

If you’re interested in progressing toward your dreams, we welcome you to connect with the BUSY Ability team to see how our disability employment services can support you. A leading disability employment services provider in our region, we can help identify your personal strengths, map out your areas of interest, connect you to potential employers, and offer ongoing support for your employment journey both before and during the work placement process.

To find out more about our disability employment services programs and how we can best work together, reach out to an employment consultant today. Well versed in supporting NDIS participants and Disability Support Pension (DSP) clients, we can work within your means to find you an excellent career progression opportunity today.

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