Helping you navigate Disability Employment Services (DES) and Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services


The provider you choose to help you find employment is entirely up to you, and why shouldn’t it be! We know that choosing the right provider can make a huge difference when embarking on your journey to reach your employment goals.

You can choose your provider by contacting the National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions (below) to help you make this decision.


How does BUSY Ability help people into work?

BUSY Ability is contracted by the Australian Government to support people with lived experience of the justice system to find employment, under their Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services program. We’ve helped 1000’s of people to gain financial independence and get their life back on track through employment.

BUSY Ability is also contracted by the Australian Government as a Disability Employment Services provider and we have over 30 years experience in this field. We are focused on helping people who have a disability, injury or health condition to find employment that suits their abilities and interests.

How have you helped other people like me find employment?

We have been providing support and employment pathways for people for over 30 years. Each year we help hundreds of people realise their full potential and gain meaningful employment in jobs they love, and with the launch of our new offices across Queensland and NSW, we are on track to raise that number into the thousands each year.

Does BUSY Ability have an Auslan / interpreting service that can help me?

Yes, BUSY Ability is able to access interpreting services to meet your individual needs.

Do you have people who understand my cultural background?

Yes, we have staff from a number of different backgrounds and BUSY Ability is committed to Cultural Competence Training for all of our staff.

Can you help me get a qualification?

Of course! We can connect and support you in obtaining qualifications to assist you into ongoing employment.

What do I have to do to receive your services?

There are a number of ways you can choose BUSY Ability as your employment services provider.

If you are registered with Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services, you can ask Services Australia (Centrelink) to be registered with us. Alternatively, you can ask us how you can switch to us as your provider if you are not happy with your current provider.

As well, if you are someone living with disability, injury or illness, and wanting to work, we can assist you.

To find out more, simply send us a message through our contact us page, or call 1800 761 561 and speak with one of our helpful team members. We would love to hear from you!

How often do I need to meet you?

Together we will set up times that suit your needs and lifestyle with a minimum requirement of once a fortnight. This can be face to face or through other means that best meet your needs.

What flexibility can you offer around meetings?

The first meeting will be face to face, after that we will work with you to agree other methods including FaceTime, phone calls, skype or a location that best suits your needs.

I have a SPER debt that I am finding hard to pay. Can BUSY Ability help me with this?

BUSY Ability is an approved Hardship Provider and can help our clients to pay their SPER fines through a range of activities including counselling, mentoring, work experience and training activities. These approved activities go towards lessening your SPER fine. More information.