Kaitlyn Lander and her mother Amanda Lander came to BUSY Ability for help through the NDIS funded program, School Leaver Employment Supports. The program assists young school leavers living with disability to transition into the workforce, offering employment and life skills supports to assist people like Kaitlyn to find financial and life independence.

Krissy Foster, Senior Employment Consultant for BUSY Ability in the Sunshine Coast region, supported Kaitlyn into a work experience opportunity with a local dog-grooming salon, Vanity Fur.

From this opportunity, Kaitlyn impressed Charlotte Ogden, owner of Vanity Fur, and was soon offered a part time traineeship with the business.

“We find people with disability work just as hard, if not harder, than anyone else. Kaitlyn is an animal lover, particularly dogs, and she is a great fit to work in our salon” Charlotte stated.

Since working, Kaitlyn’s mother Amanda has noticed a difference in her daughter, stating “She’s come a long way by actually being employed, having her own income coming in and taking ownership of what she’s doing.”

Kaitlyn herself couldn’t be happier, saying, “I love working here! I’d love to become a full-time groomer one day!”

Vanity Fur is an employer dedicated to equal opportunity and inclusiveness in the workplace. They were also one of the first employers to take the pledge for inclusivity as part of BUSY Ability’s Employ-Ability 100 campaign.

CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield stated “The School Leaver Employment Support program is an excellent support for young people with disability who may struggle to find direction after leaving school. It offers holistic support to young people, like the support offered to Kaitlyn.

Everyone deserves to work and contribute in society. Through great employers like Vanity Fur, and spreading the word about inclusivity in the workplace through our current Employ-Ability 100 campaign, we hope more employers become aware of the benefits of inclusivity through hiring people living with disability”.

Find out more about Vanity Fur and Kaitlyn’s story:


BUSY Ability is encouraging businesses to focus on ability through their recent Employ-Ability 100 campaign. If your business would like to pledge to be an inclusive employer, add your name beside the many other businesses in our region who are doing the same. The campaign aims to change perceptions and create opportunities and financial independence for people living with disability.

For more information or to Pledge Today visit  https://busyability.org.au/employ-ability-100/


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