With 29 businesses already pledging to be an inclusive employer and having just reached the quarter-way mark, the Employ-Ability 100 campaign is on track to fulfil its target of 100 employers taking the pledge by the end of this year.

The Employ-Ability 100 campaign, an initiative of BUSY Ability, aims to increase awareness of inclusivity in the workplace and asks employers in South East Queensland and Northern NSW to take a pledge that shows their commitment to inclusivity. A pledge can include offering a work experience opportunity, hiring someone with a disability or simply spreading the word to encourage other employers to join the cause.

The current employers pledging to be an inclusive employer include:

Australian Spatial Analytics
The Pullman Hotel, Brisbane
Vanity Fur
The Bottle Community
Kultured Wellness Pty Ltd
White Collar Blue
Lives lived well
Job Connect
Reading Radio
Accor Group
Logan City Council
Cafe Edge
Multilink Community Services
Summerland Credit Union
Australian Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Pty Ltd
Undercover Canvas
CMBM Facility Services Pty Ltd
Total Tools
Southern Cross Botanical
Samios Plumbing Supplies
Momentum Collective
Barcella Restaurant Victoria Point
Living without worry counselling and allied health clinic
Benowa Children’s Centre
The BUSY Group Ltd

You can add your business name to the list simply by taking the pledge at https://busyability.org.au/employ-ability-100/

Why should your business take the pledge?

With a 30% less likelihood of finding employment, people with disability are often overlooked for roles that they can perform as well, if not better, than able-bodied people. Encouraging employers to look past the disability and focus on abilities can open up a huge pool of talented and dedicated employee candidates.

One organisation, who was quick to pledge to the campaign and spread the word to other businesses, is Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) who specialise in Geographic Information System analysis and Machine Learning data training services. They believe that neurodiversity is their advantage because their employees with autism are simply faster and more precise at data processing.

Geoff Smith, General Manager at ASA stated “The people we’ve hired are faster and more precise analysts, a lot more diligent than the average ‘Joe’ and they really enjoy the job.”

Another business partner to the campaign is the Pullman Hotel in Brisbane who recently employed Arne as an apprentice chef. Living with disability, Arne is a 52 year old indigenous man whose lifelong dream to become a chef is now becoming true, thanks to the Pullman Hotel seeing past his disability and focusing on his abilities.

General Manager of the Pullman Hotel in Brisbane said “We noticed straight away when Arne came in with his personality, his passion and his drive, he hit the ground running. Arne is an absolute pleasure to have here, it couldn’t have gone any better and he’s very quickly become a key part of our business.”

Vanity Fur, a pet grooming salon on the Sunshine Coast, is also pledging for inclusivity in the workplace. Owner Charlotte Ogden said “We found people with disability work just as hard, if not harder, than anyone else.”

Jason Shield, CEO for BUSY Ability said “We are really pleased with the response from the business community to our campaign to promote inclusivity in the workplace. Breaking down the barriers to employment ensures all community members have a fair chance for employment and businesses have a larger pool of talented candidates to tap into. Everyone benefits – it’s a real win-win”.

Watch what some of our pledging employers have to say:



If your business would like to join the Employ-Ability 100 movement and promote inclusivity in your workplace, you can find out or take the pledge at www.busyability.org.au  – or call 1800 761 561 for more information.

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