Your Points Target

What is your points target?

Each reporting period you’ll need to earn a set number of points to meet your mutual obligation requirements in return for income support. The maximum about of points you would need to earn is 100, however this may be reduced based on where you live and your personal circumstances. If you have special circumstances, talk to your BUSY Ability Consultant.

How to Earn Points

You earn points by completing job searching and other tasks and activities that will progress you towards finding a job. You have flexibility and choice about what tasks and activities you do to earn the points you need.

You can earn points for applying for jobs, going to interviews, working or doing other tasks and activities like training courses, counselling or voluntary work.

Each task and activity comes with a different amount of points you can earn for completing them.

See the Points Value Chart for the complete list of tasks and activities you can complete and the points you will earn for completing them.

Banking Points

If you earn over your points target, you can bank points to use them for your next reporting period. You can bank up to half the value of your points target. For example if your points target is 100, you can bank up to 50 points to use in your next reporting period.

Being able to bank points recognises that looking for work can have it’s ups and downs. If you reach your points target but complete additional tasks and activities, you can use those points next month.

Quality Job Applications

We check the quality of your job applications to make sure you’re applying for the right kind of jobs. We may reject your applications if you don’t:

  • tailor your efforts to the job or industry
  • use a variety of methods as required
  • apply for jobs in a diverse range of fields.

If we find you submit a poor-quality job application on purpose, we will reject it. This means you might not meet your job search requirement. You could receive a demerit and your payment may be affected.

Not meeting your target?

Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to meet your points target, we will assess whether you have a valid reason for not meeting it. This allows us to ensure your points target is right for your circumstances.

If you don’t meet your points target, you could receive a payment suspension or demerit.

If you have any questions about Your Points Target, please reach out to your BUSY Ability Consultant.