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Anas was determined to reshape his future!

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Feeling the weight of his past mistakes which resulted in a criminal conviction, when Anas first came to BUSY Ability to find support through Workforce Australia’s Specialist Employment Services, he was full of self-doubt and struggled to see a viable path forward.

Determined to make a better life for himself but struggling against bail conditions that involved regular check-ins, he was finding it hard to secure work. With support from his Employment Consultant at BUSY Ability, Anas was able to regain his confidence and, most importantly, see that there was a brighter future ahead. With growing confidence and motivation, Anas began to unearth his hidden strengths that would ultimately help him reshape his story.

BUSY Ability is contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Workforce Australia’s Specialist Employment Services, a program that assists people impacted by the justice system to find secure employment. Many participants of the program are keen to make a fresh start by finding employment, but experience stigma attached to their past convictions. This includes participants with minor offences that have resulted in a recorded criminal conviction, as well as those exiting the prison system.

Through the program, BUSY Ability supported Anas with training and some work tickets, refined his resume and interview skills and connected him to employers that saw the potential in him. He was initially placed with a painting company and even though Anas proved himself with exemplary work ethics and attendance, he had to leave that position due to the workplace relocating.

It was back to the drawing board, but it didn’t take long before Anas was successfully placed with a company that creates and installs wooden staircases for construction projects – and he has been there ever since!

After nearly two months of work, Anas says, “I’m really enjoying the work, they are very nice people. The staff at BUSY Ability are amazing! They supplied me with all the right equipment and qualifications, helping me get my forklift licence and White Card. They also provided me an electric scooter so I can travel to work.

“It means a lot to me to be working, I can now save money and I’m hoping to get a car soon.”

Stacey Turnbull, CEO at BUSY Ability, said, “Anas is a great example of how the Specialist Employment Services program is changing lives for the better. His determination to not let his past define him was a key factor, along with the support from his BUSY Ability employment consultant.

“BUSY Ability has connections to employers who are giving people like Anas a chance. These employers are finding a previously untapped pool of keen and talented candidates. As well, they are also helping to reduce the recidivism rates and improving futures for individuals, their families and communities. That’s an incredibly positive impact and we are so grateful to be able to assist Anas and others like him to find a better future.”

Learn more about CoAct BUSY Ability’s delivery of Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services.

A female employment consultant with a job seeker and scooter to help him get to his new job.

Ashli (Employment Consultant at BUSY Ability) with Anas and his new electric scooter that is assisting him to get to work each day.

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