Samios Plumbing, a subsidiary of the BGW Group, a 100% Australian owned private company who provide electrical and plumbing supplies across Australia, are fast becoming an employer of choice.

With 20 stores across Australia, Samios Plumbing are proud to boast a 10% turnover rate for their staff and have a huge emphasis on training and supporting staff in their roles.

Recently appointing a BUSY Ability client, Brandon Samuel at their Arundel store on the Gold Coast, Manager Mark Stemmer from the store explained the philosophy at Samios and why they inspire loyalty and excellence from their staff.

“People genuinely love coming to work here, we are very big on rewarding and looking after our people. We need our staff to be familiar and experienced with our products to service our trade customers. We supply the plumbers so they need to know the hundreds of product supplies that are on offer. Brandon is our first apprentice and he’ll be learning it all”, Mark stated.

“How I look at it, you have to give back and put young people on because they’re the ones who struggle to get that first entry into work, they haven’t had any experience yet. We are hoping to put on an apprentice every year so that we have two or three going at once. BUSY did such a great job with the sign up of our apprentice and the whole process was so easy”, Mark further stated.

A client with BUSY Ability, a part of the BUSY Group, Brandon has always had an interest in plumbing. Undertaking a retail traineeship, Brandon will learn about all the products that service the plumbing industry over the next couple of years and decide whether he wants to pursue becoming a plumber or continue in a service role for the industry.

“Plumbing is a young man’s game”, Mark stated, “Eventually your body can’t do it anymore so this is an opportunity for Brandon to still be involved with the industry but have longevity by working in the product sector for the industry”.

CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield stated “Companies like Samios are to be commended for their genuine interest in supporting youth and people with disabilities, creating a skilled workforce for the future while showing their staff they care is what makes a company a great place to work. We are really proud to support Samios Plumbing and look forward to hearing of Brandon’s progress with them”.

Brandon Samuel (Centre) a client of BUSY Ability with Nick Tani (L) from The BUSY Group and Mark Stemmer from Samios Plumbing.
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