A solo parent looking after her two daughters, Jean was struggling to make ends meet, including paying her rent. After registering with BUSY Ability, who deliver the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services program, her life took a turn for the better!

When Jean had her initial appointment on the 3rd November, her main focus was on sourcing finance to catch up with bills. Her Employment Consultant, Martha, said she could help her by finding her work and asked Jean if there was any type of work that interested her.

Jean’s response was, “I’d work anywhere but my real dream job is to work at the Coles located 5 minutes away from my house.”

BUSY Ability helped Jean to apply at Coles, updating her resume and cover letter, providing work clothes and boots as well as fuel to get to her initial training. It took Jean two weeks from her initial appointment to secure her dream job and she couldn’t be happier!

Putting her name down on the roster to be the first one to call if any other employees cannot make their shift, Jean is getting further hours to provide security for her family.

After gaining employment with Coles, Jean’s first action was to call her landlord and pay the outstanding rent owed. Right before Christmas, Jean is no longer stressed about her finances and is up to date with her rent and saving money! There’s no need for crisis payments anymore, nor any debts on the way.

All contributing to a peaceful and happy Christmas ahead for Jean and her daughters!

Learn more about how BUSY Ability support people living with disability to find and maintain meaningful employment.

Woman in Coles uniform

Jean is looking forward to a happy Christmas with her daughters, thanks to finding work.

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