Jade wasn’t coping well at school and after her mother passed away 18 months ago, things began to rapidly spiral. Her father had real concerns for her future and the choices she was making.

A careers counsellor at Jade’s school approached BUSY Ability to see whether they could provide an alternative pathway for Jade, something that could positively re-engage her in education and a career pathway.

Jade then began to receive support through her employment consultant at BUSY Ability, who learnt that she always had a passion for animals. With this knowledge, Jade’s Employment Consultant approached several local businesses. To Jade’s delight, they were successful in securing her with a school-based apprenticeship in a retail pet shop, which she is enjoying immensely!

Working one day a week at Best Friends pet store, Jade now has a little money to help out her father, has tangible dreams for her future and is now focussed on gaining her higher school certificate and her apprenticeship qualification through TAFE.  Her employer at Best Friends is also invested in Jade for the future, seeing her as part of the ‘Best Friends family’, and she is looking forward to

continue working at the pet store once she completes her studies.

“BUSY Ability has changed my life. I would never have had the confidence to start working at Best Friends without them and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me”, Jade stated.

The team at BUSY Ability agree that Jade has had an extraordinary shift and her confidence has grown exponentially.

“It is stories like Jade’s that really inspire the team at BUSY Ability. This is what we do, change lives for the better and we believe that anything is possible for anyone with a little bit of encouragement. It’s a privilege to be able to support people like Jade into valuable and meaningful career pathways”, CEO of BUSY Ability, Jason Shield stated.

Jade’s father is so relieved his daughter has a vison for her future and Jade continues to receive regular weekly support from BUSY Ability. Employment has changed Jade’s life immeasurably. She now has more confidence and believes she has the skills to reach her dreams.

For more information about Disability Employment Services provided by BUSY Ability visit www.busyability.org.au

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