When Kaleb first came to BUSY Ability, he was not even comfortable catching public transport alone. Since leaving school twelve months ago, Kaleb had been facing these and other barriers which made it difficult for him to find and secure work.

Under the NDIS-funded School Leaver Employment Support program, Kaleb was supported by BUSY Ability staff who worked with him one-on-one to help overcome these barriers, boost his confidence and prepare him for the workforce.

Obviously intelligent and capable, Kaleb’s Employment Consultant at BUSY Ability, Damien, knew he could support Kaleb into work and that he just needed some extra assistance. Together they worked on his resume and developed Kaleb’s interview skills so that he could apply for suitable work.

When an opportunity came up at Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA), Damien knew Kaleb would be the perfect fit – and he was right.

Kaleb interviewed and was ecstatic to be offered the job with ASA, a Brisbane-based company that provides an Australian-owned spatial data analytics service.

ASA are known for encouraging a diverse workforce and particularly employ people with autism, utilising their exceptional abilities to the field of data analytics and proving that they make remarkable spatial analysts. A registered not-for-profit organisation, ASA are leading their field in Australia and their recent projects include fibre-optic data preparation in South Africa, crime analysis in Queensland, and detecting waste objects on Queensland’s beaches. Their work is broad, valuable and extremely interesting.

“Damien really helped me with setting up my resume and developing my interview skills. I’m now working permanent part time, four days a week, and I’m really enjoying the work at ASA”, Kaleb said.

Chief Executive Officer of BUSY Ability, Stacey Turnbull said, “Leaving school is a scary time for anyone, let alone someone living with disability. BUSY Ability are experienced in supporting school leavers like Kaleb to transition to work and there is nothing better than helping a young person commence their career path. We all have our skills and strengths and we help job seekers find theirs. Thanks to diversity-focused employers like ASA, there really is a suitable career for anyone.”

For more information on how BUSY Ability can assist school leavers and people with an injury, health issue or disability into work visit www.busyability.org.au

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