Struggling to find work can really take a toll on a person’s self-confidence. Sadly this was the case for Matthew who had been sending out hundreds of applications for work only to get no reply.

So when Matthew approached BUSY Ability (formerly known as ON-Q), his dreams of returning to work were still real and he was determined to work closely with the team to support him into sustainable employment. Matthew was placed into some retail work earlier in the year but was unfortunately stood down not long after due to COVID-19.

Regardless of the knock-backs Matthew stayed persistent and attended every appointment, continued to apply for every opportunity for work and went on the road with his employment consultant to be introduced to employers.

When a traffic control course came up, with the opportunity of a traineeship, Matthew jumped at the chance. BUSY Ability supported him by purchasing everything Matthew required to commence the traineeship including paying for the training, certificates, licenses and equipment. Since commencing the traineeship Matthew also receives mentoring from his employment consultant, to ensure he is thriving in the role.

During a recent visit to the BUSY Ability Coomera office, Matthew was beaming and thanked the staff for everything they’d done. His confidence is back and he is gaining skills and a career path in the industry.

“Thank you BUSY Ability for helping me secure employment. My employment journey has been life changing. I really enjoy the work and the income. I am proud of my contribution to the community and I’m learning new skills to progress in my job!”, Matthew stated.

CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield, stated “Matthew is a great example of what can happen if you keep persisting and never give up. Work is more than money, it is a sense of purpose and with support from our team he is now confident, self-sufficient and has a bright path ahead. We look forward to further supporting him in his career journey”.

For more information regarding BUSY Ability Disability Employment Services, visit or call 1800 761 561.

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