Braydon came to BUSY Ability’s Caboolture team with a challenging past that included struggles with addiction and a criminal history. Being unemployed for a long time, Braydon was finding it difficult to secure employment and needed to get his foot in the door somehow. Through BUSY Ability, who deliver the Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services program, Braydon was given the opportunity to address his challenges to securing employment.

In addition to his past criminal record, a major challenge to employment was Braydon’s lack of recent work experience. BUSY Ability offered Braydon the opportunity to gain some work experience at a local charity shop in Kallangur, via the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole program.

BUSY Ability Employment Consultants at their Caboolture office, Sally and Natasha, convinced Braydon that this work experience opportunity would help him to build a bigger support network, as well as gain an employer reference and work history to include on his resume. Braydon was initially sceptical and had some doubts about the program, but he eventually agreed to participate.

After commencing in the program, Braydon was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and encouragement extended by the people at the charity shop. With their unwavering support and guidance, Braydon began to rebuild his confidence and gain a sense of purpose.

As he dived into the tasks assigned by the charity shop, Braydon discovered a newfound passion for giving back to his community and his dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed. The staff at the charity shop were impressed by Braydon’s committed work ethic and recognised his potential for greater opportunities. This culminated in Braydon being offered paid employment at their Lawnton store!

Braydon stated, “I’m excited for this new opportunity and cannot thank the Caboolture team, BUSY Ability, and the charity shop enough for encouraging me to try something new and step out of my comfort zone.”

Convinced of the benefits of seeking support and gaining work experience opportunities like those through the Work for the Dole program, Braydon is now financially independent and has gained a purpose in his community which has given him a newfound confidence.

“I’m now looking at completing my test and tag certification to help create more opportunities within my new employment.”

Chief Executive Officer at BUSY Ability, Stacey Turnbull said, “Our team individualise our approach to every customer we support. In Braydon’s case, his challenges were not having enough work history to show employers and his past criminal record was also not helping. Through this work experience opportunity and Braydon agreeing to be a part of it despite his initial scepticism, he was able to open a door to paid employment and find a sense of purpose through community.”

Find out more about BUSY Ability’s support for ex-offenders through Workforce Australia Specialist Employment services.

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Braydon (Centre) with BUSY Ability Employment Consultants at Caboolture, Sally (L) and Natasha (R).
After gaining work experience through a Work for the Dole program, Braydon has now secured paid employment.

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