Having not worked for over 5 years, Tania’s confidence was at an all-time low. Being asked by others what she did for a living, not feeling she could adequately provide for her family and the constant rejections when applying for jobs really took its toll. On top of this, living with a disability made it all the more difficult for Tania.

So when Tania sought the help of BUSY Ability, her employment consultant Karen could see she needed to work on her confidence first. Karen set Tania small tasks that were achievable and that helped her focus on the small wins, gradually lifting Tania’s confidence.

Karen then assisted Tania by working on her interview skills, updating her resume and identifying appropriate industries to look for employment.

Eventually Tania was successful in securing a casual retail position with DAISO at Tweed City which was incredibly exciting for her but also nerve-wracking.

Gaining work was a great first step for Tania but then came the anxiety of going to work and the stressors that brought with it. With consistent and ongoing support from Karen however, this ensured Tania felt secure as she started her employment.

Karen assisted Tania by making sure she understood her duties, that training was delivered in a format that Tania was comfortable with and, importantly, the employers’ expectations were being met.

It didn’t take long for Tania to quiet her inner doubt and to relax into her role, bringing her outstanding work ethic and optimism to the fore.

Tania was keen to secure a full-time role with DAISO as this would provide financial security for her and her two young children as well as her own personal sense of achievement. She understood that this would not be overnight and continued to display commitment to achieving this goal.  Ongoing, regular appointments with Karen ensured Tania was able to further develop her confidence, enhance her communication skills and remain focused on her daily work tasks.

After 3 months Tania was able to secure full time work and she has now commenced her Duty Manager training!

CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield stated “BUSY Ability don’t just find someone work and then that’s it. We provide on-going support, even beyond the first year of employment, to ensure our clients with disability are thriving in the workplace and exceeding their employers’ needs. We are all really proud of Tania and the progress she has made. As in Tania’s case, employment can provide purpose, which is important for all of us, and this has a flow on effect within the family and then the community as a whole. That’s why we love what we do at BUSY Ability”.

For more information about Disability Employment Services provided by BUSY Ability visit: https://busyability.org.au/disability-employment-service-provider/

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