Ziggy didn’t have the best of upbringings, struggling with difficult circumstances in her home life, her childhood was not the best foundation and this led to her being in and out of trouble throughout her school life and in early adulthood.

After having three young children of her own, Ziggy wanted to change her life for the better and approached BUSY Ability for support to find her work. Her goal was to make a better life for her children and herself.

When she first came to BUSY Ability, Ziggy’s confidence was extremely low and her teeth needed major dental work which made her very self-conscious. Before focussing on finding suitable employment for Ziggy, BUSY Ability provided counselling services through a social worker, as well as provided funding for her much-needed dental work.

Once Ziggy was feeling more confident – she could now smile at people again – Ziggy’s employment consultant approached the Meriton Hotel on the Gold Coast, an equal opportunity employer, to see if they would employ her as a housekeeper. They agreed to interview Ziggy and she was soon offered 5-days a week housekeeping work.

“My rent has just gone up $100 a week so finding this work was really important. It’s really good to get out of the house and earn money so I can treat my kids when we go out, I wasn’t able to do that before.

“I’m used to the working hours now and I’m really fast at my work. Now that I’m working I can save to move us to a better rental property, and I’d really like to save for a home we can call our own. Julie, my employment consultant at BUSY Ability, has been a really big help to me”, Ziggy stated.

Chief Executive Officer of BUSY Ability, Stacey Turnbull said, “Work provides a stable foundation for people so that they can plan for their future and find a sense of purpose. Everyone deserves that and we are so pleased to be able to change Ziggy and her children’s lives for the better!”

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