When Arne Holst, a 52-year-old indigenous man, first came to BUSY Ability he was struggling to find work. Arne had a very clear purpose to become a Sous Chef at his favourite hotel, the Pullman in Brisbane.

Thanks to a recent work experience opportunity at the Pullman Hotel, lined up through BUSY Ability, Arne had the chance to show his passion for the industry and his ability in the kitchen.  This resulted in Arne being offered a placement to finish his apprenticeship with the hotel, and he is now fulfilling his dream. His new employers couldn’t be happier either!

Cameron Gardiner, Executive Chef at the Pullman said “Arne’s been a great addition here at the Pullman. He’s a very positive guy and he’s fun to have in the team. I think he’s a great addition to the team”.

General Manager Michael Daviss agrees “We noticed straight away when Arne came in with his personality, his passion and his drive, he hit the ground running. Arne is an absolute pleasure to have here, it couldn’t have gone any better and he’s very quickly become a key part of our business”.

There is no doubt Arne will succeed in his career and he has big plans moving forward.

“My ambition is to become a Sous Chef and travel around. I just want to be the best chef I can. You gotta make the best of what you’ve got. I love what I do. If you love something, do it, regardless.

“Everybody can do it if you just put your mind to it. Regardless of what culture you are or if you have a disability or not. If you have a heart and passion, it’s a ticket to go somewhere in life”, Arne stated.

CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield stated “We are so proud of Arne and look forward to supporting him and following his career moving forward. The Pullman Hotel have a great workplace culture that encourages diversity, above everything they focus on a person’s ability to do the work. This pays off by finding incredible employees like Arne”.

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Watch more about Arne’s journey at the Pullman Hotel here:

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