A Brisbane based company is leading the way on two fronts: firstly in providing an Australian-owned spatial data analytics service; and secondly, by encouraging a diverse workforce and providing employment opportunities for persons with autism.

A registered not-for-profit social enterprise, Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is dedicated to training and employing remarkable young spatial analysts with autism, utilising their exceptional abilities to the field of data analytics.

The organisation specialises in Geographic Information System analysis and Machine Learning data training services and believes that neurodiversity is their advantage because their employees with autism are simply faster and more precise at data processing.

A relatively new organisation, ASA has experienced exceptional growth in a short period of time, securing large clients both nationally and internationally.

With recent projects that include fibre-optic data preparation in South Africa, crime analysis in Queensland, and detecting waste objects on Queensland’s beaches, ASA’s work is broad, valuable and extremely interesting.

Situated in modern offices in Brisbane, ASA has been supported by BUSY Ability who have assisted them to place four team members with the organisation.

Geoff Smith, General Manager at ASA stated “The people we’ve hired are faster and more precise analysts, a lot more diligent than the average ‘Joe’ and really enjoy the job.

“BUSY Ability are a great one-stop shop for employing people with disability. I picked up the phone and asked for 4 vacancies to be filled. Within a day I had 8 applications and I knew that they’d been briefed about what the role was. It’s great to be able to work with an employment partner that knows the strength of people with autism”, Geoff further stated.

CEO for BUSY Ability stated “ASA are truly leading the way when it comes to focusing on a person’s ability and the valuable skills they can bring to an organisation. It is well known that persons with disability make extremely loyal employees who take less days off, are highly diligent and, as in the case with ASA, have particularly productive and valuable workplace skills.

“BUSY Ability is proud to support great organisations like ASA with their recruitment needs. Our consultants are always available to discuss options with employers on how they can benefit by employing persons with disability and increasing diversity in their workplace”, Jason further stated.

Find out more about how ASA is thriving by employing persons with autism:


For more information on Australian Spatial Analytics visit www.asanalytics.com.au/

For more information on how BUSY Ability can assist persons with an injury, health condition or disability into work visit www.busyability.org.au or call 1800 761 561

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