Ballina RSL Chief Executive Officer, Bill Coultier believes a diverse workplace is both good for inclusivity and productivity, recently being reminded of this when employing Cath as part of his hospitality floor staff team. Since Cath started, the Boardwalk patrons at the Club have enjoyed engaging in conversation with the friendly and bubbly staff member who assists in the Club by collecting glasses and plates.

BUSY Ability assisted Cath, who utilizes a wheelchair for mobility, to find employment with the supportive and inclusive Club and they have been extremely adaptable to Cath’s needs. To assist her to perform her role and to prevent glassware and crockery from falling, alterations were made to Cath’s chair tray, including a non-slip mat and provision of a mini basket to put glassware and cutlery in while clearing patron’s tables.

According to Bill, Cath has settled in well with her new role at the club, instantly creating a friendly bond with her workmates. She has also proven to be a hit with the patrons!

“Cath is received well by our Boardwalk patrons and is always happy to engage in friendly conversation. Similarly, Cath has been involved in meet and greet with patrons and seating customers to their tables.

“Ballina RSL is supportive of an inclusive workplace that facilitates a strong work culture and a team environment where staff feel respected and valued. Creating a strong, supportive workplace culture and flexible working arrangements enhances staff satisfaction, development and delivers increased productivity outcomes,” Bill stated.

“Cath is now keen to explore working in other areas of the club. We are now working together to continue Cath’s development that will improve her range of skills whilst ensuring that Cath’s working environment remains practical and safe not only for herself but for other staff and our patrons,” Bill further stated.

Stacey Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer at BUSY Ability said, “Everyone deserves the right to find meaning through contribution in the workforce. Cath is a shining example of how, with just a few minor adjustments, she is more than capable of contributing to a productive workplace. Inclusive employers like the Ballina RSL are showing their customers that they do not discriminate – and patrons notice and appreciate this which can contribute to their bottom line.”

Bill Coultier (Centre rear) with the hospitality floor staff team at Ballina RSL and Cath (front) who has recently joined the team.


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