After only his second appointment with BUSY Ability, it was clear to his Employment Consultant, Jennifer, that James was a caring person with a heart of gold! For this reason, Jennifer believed that James would be highly suited to work as a carer, an industry that is often seeking suitable staff.

James had some experience in the industry before but mainly in a cleaning role, providing home care help for war veterans. James always connected with his clients though and would often stay for a chat with them long after his shift had ended.

After battling mental health concerns in recent years, James had difficulty in securing work and so came to BUSY Ability, an Australian Government-funded, Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services provider. James’ biggest hurdle was feeling that he would ‘fail’ and because of this he found it hard to progress forward when it came to finding work.

After some coaching and encouragement from Jennifer at his second appointment with BUSY Ability James was put forward for a role with Complete Nursing, an organisation that provides in-home disability and aged care support. The interview went well and not long after, James was offered the job!

“The work is going really well. I’m a disability support worker and I have a good mix of clients. Some I provide community access, others some personal care or I help by taking them to work of their own. Complete Nursing are great employers and really supportive. They link you with clients that suit your personality because they want you to work long term with the clients. I have four clients and have already formed good bonds with them”, James said of his new role.

“Jennifer really gave me the nudge I needed to ‘go for it!’ The support is ongoing with BUSY Ability so I am still in constant contact with them which is awesome. They check in to see how things are going or if I need anything to help me perform in the role”, James stated further.

James is now looking forward to his future and finds his work incredibly rewarding and the variety really suits him too with no two days being the same.

Stacey Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer at BUSY Ability said, “Making a contribution to society through the work you do is incredibly powerful for a person’s self-esteem and value. We are absolutely thrilled that James has found work and a career path that provides him with that sense of purpose, and we will continue to support him to ensure his long term success in the role.”

James is now thriving again after BUSY Ability helped him to find work with Complete Nursing.


If you’re struggling to find work you can find out more about BUSY Ability’s Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services or Disability Employment Services.

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