A collaboration between BUSY Ability and Queensland Corrective Services has seen BUSY Ability provide pre-employment workshops in Queensland correctional centres to prepare people for employment upon release.  This program has been delivered to over 500 people inside correctional facilities.

From July 2022, BUSY Ability has been contracted by the Australian Government to deliver the Workforce Australia Specialist Employment Services program which supports people with a lived experience of the justice system.  It provides individualised support for people who need extra assistance to re-enter the workforce by way of training, mentoring and support plus employment opportunities from a range of industries and locations.  So far, BUSY Ability have placed over 1,200 people with lived experience of the justice system into employment.

BUSY Ability recently held a work experience day to provide their Disability Employment Services customers and NDIS Participants with the opportunity to learn Warehousing distribution skills, overseen by The BUSY Group’s Registered Training Organisation, Skill360.  This training will now create employment opportunities for their customers and resulted in the packing of 2,000 hygiene care packages for former offenders post-release. In conjunction with Queensland Corrective Services, these care packs were delivered to 11 correctional centres in Queensland.

CEO of BUSY Ability, Stacey Turnbull, said, “Through our collaboration with Queensland Corrective Services, BUSY Ability is able to provide more support to people who are about to exit prison. We are really proud of the results we have already seen this year, supporting ex-offenders into work benefits not only the individual but their families and the broader community. We look forward to supporting more people with a lived experience of the justice system into sustainable employment”.

BUSY Ability, in conjunction with Queensland Corrective Services, provided pre-employment workshops and 2,000 care packs for former offenders post-release at 11 Queensland correctional centres.

In photo: (Far Left) Sarah Hyde Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations and (Far Right) Tracy Taylor Manager of Education Services Offender Rehabilitation and Management Services from Queensland Corrective Services, with (L) Stacey Turnbull CEO, and (R) Sarah Hanson Strategic Relations Manager from BUSY Ability.

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