When Nathan first came to BUSY Ability a little over a year ago, he was unemployed and spending most of his time in the house and on the couch. Diagnosed with Dyspraxia, a neurodevelopmental disorder which affects movement and coordination, Nathan’s previous role as a pool lifeguard was taking a toll and he could no longer continue the work.

Nathan really wanted to do some kind of work though so he approached BUSY Ability to see if they could help him find a suitable role. BUSY Ability is a provider of the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services program, which they deliver in Queensland and Northern NSW.

The team at BUSY Ability worked closely with Nathan to assess his current skills and discover the kind of work he would enjoy and be suited to. Nathan completed some workplace skills courses through BUSY Ability, gaining hospitality and retail skills.  He soon decided he would like to work in retail so he was put forward for a trial position at his local Coles store which then became casual work. Soon after, his supervisor was so impressed with his attitude and work ethic, the role then became permanent.

Flash forward 14 months later and, with continued support from BUSY Ability, Nathan is thriving at Coles where he works in the dairy and freezer departments, along with back door deliveries. His skills are growing daily, his outlook has transformed – and his fitness levels have improved greatly as well!

Nathan said of his journey, “When I wasn’t working, I was just in the house. Work got me out of the house, moving and all that. I can go out with friends now that I have some money and I’ve made friends at Coles as well. We go fishing or go get some food after work.

“I really like my job at Coles, I’m busy there. If I need help I can go to anyone there or my boss, they are really supportive.”

Nathan’s parents are both proud of him too. His mother says, “He is far more confident now. He can go ask questions of his manager or go to BUSY and ask for help. That all-round support has made massive, massive changes.

“Now we know his full diagnosis – he has also now been diagnosed with ADD and Autism – my intuition knew there was more! He can work on himself, he has that awareness which has built his confidence.”

His father also stated, “He manages himself now, wakes himself up and goes to work. He goes out with friends and manages his own money. It just makes it a lot easier!”

When Nathan was asked what he would say to someone looking for work, he summed it up nicely, “Just try! You learn from your mistakes and at Coles, when I make a mistake I work on it so I don’t make that mistake again.”

Stacey Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer at BUSY Ability said, “Nathan has a great attitude, he’ll go far because of his willingness to work hard and improve! Finding the right type of work for individuals where they can gain satisfaction through contribution, make friends and find a community – that’s what we enjoy most at BUSY Ability!”

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With support through BUSY Ability, Nathan is thriving in his role at Coles.

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