When Doug was first signed up with BUSY Ability Pimpama, he advised his Employment Consultant that the only thing he wanted to do was go back to work and give himself a purpose.

Doug has a Moderate Intellectual Disability but this has never stopped him from being as independent as he can and living his life to the fullest.

Riding his bike to his appointments with BUSY Ability, Doug would wear his high-vis vest and helmet and always arrive 30 mins early – to make sure he wasn’t late.

Doug’s cheerful personality and determination was recognised as star qualities for success. Everyone at BUSY Ability wanted to see Doug succeed!

As is the road to job search success, Doug had a couple of misses and a work trial that didn’t work out but he and the team never gave up.

It wasn’t long before the team managed to place Doug at Expresso Café & Car Wash, in a role as a Car Washer, and Doug is loving it!

His keenness to arrive on time for his appointments has also translated to his excellent work ethic.

“This morning I got up at 5am, caught the train at 6am and got to work at 7am which was earlier than when I start but I just got ready for work.

“I work two days a week but this week I’ll be working three. I usually do between 30 and 40 cars a day.”

Just moving house, Doug is feeling great about where he lives and having a sense of purpose, earning his own money and being independent.

“I make money and spend it wisely. I’m happy now where I live, it’s very relaxed.”

His employer is very happy with him too and recently he set a new personal best, washing 40 cars!

Stacey Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer at BUSY Ability said, “Everyone deserves the right to contribute through work. We are so pleased that Doug has a new-found independence, earning his own money and finding pride in his work. He has a great attitude which is the number one requirement for success!”

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Since being supported into work, Doug has a new-found confidence and sense of purpose.

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