Mental illness is considered a hidden disability that 1 in 5 people in Australia will experience in any given year. The impact of mental health issues extends far beyond individual challenges, affecting families, workplaces and communities, creating ripples that touch every aspect of society.

Fittingly, during Disability Action Week (Nov 25-Dec 1), and in response to this growing need, BUSY Health has officially opened their first Health Hub in Strathpine, servicing the Moreton Bay region with psychology, counselling and other health services to support wellbeing and mental health. The Moreton Bay region has one of the highest percentages of people experiencing mental health concerns.

Percentage of Australians requiring mental health support across Australia by region

The BUSY Health Hub is committed to fostering a healthier, happier and more vibrant community by providing easy access to a multi-disciplinary team of counsellors and a psychologist in one location. The Health Hub space is designed to offer a range of services and resources, including training, to meet the diverse needs of our community.

The opening held on the 28th November, was a celebratory success with attendees sharing some great food, tasty beverages (thanks to coffee truck Chilli Coffee Australia) and plenty of joyous tail-wagging from Huey the therapy dog – who relished in all the pats he received on the day! The opening also offered attendees the opportunity to explore the new workspace, meet our health practitioners and network with other community organisations.

In line with BUSY’s mission to support mental health and create healthier, more resilient communities, the hub will provide essential counselling and psychology services, delivered by registered health practitioners.

Tracey McKeown, General Manager of BUSY Health, stated “At BUSY Health we are committed to creating healthy futures. Having the opportunity to have a dedicated health hub that provides access to a multi-disciplinary team of health practitioners allows the community to have additional options in seeking much needed support.

“We are so excited to be able to provide access to meaningful counselling and psychological support to the Moreton Bay region.”

The Strathpine Health Hub is just the beginning with BUSY Health planning on opening five more hubs by the end of this financial year, broadening our ability to support individuals, organisations, and schools.

Every action you take, every conversation you start about mental health, helps break down barriers and open doors to support. Let’s keep the momentum going, not just during Disability Action Week but every day.

You can learn more about BUSY Health Hubs here.

Huey the Therapy Dog, a part of the BUSY Health Hub Strathpine team, was on hand to receive pats!


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