For a long time Robert has been struggling with health conditions that left him unable to work. On top of that medications were extremely expensive with no income coming in, often costing him $100 per month on top of his other bills. This left him depressed and ate away at his self esteem.

So when Robert approached BUSY Ability to see if they can assist him to find work, they worked closely with him to rebuild his self esteem in the first instance, and secondly to brush up his workplace skills.

An opportunity through BUSY At Work for a traineeship with Traffex as a Traffic Controller came up – and Robert was successful in securing this, with an opportunity to learn and earn while on the job his career path has just started.

Since working Robert is able to breathe knowing that he can live better, get on top of his bills and be able to afford medications to manage his health better.

“Thanks to BUSY Ability, since working my mental state has improved which is also improving my physical well being. I can breathe again knowing I can afford things that were stressing me out before”, Robert said.

Jason Shield, CEO for BUSY Ability stated “Work is more than just a means to an end to pay the bills. For many people it provides a purpose which can improve self esteem, stress levels and overall mental health. We are really happy for Robert and look forward to further supporting him to succeed at work”.

If you have an injury, illness or disability and are looking for work, BUSY Ability can assist!

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