When Lindsay first came to BUSY Ability looking for help to find work, he was anxious about entering the workforce because he felt he didn’t have the tools and experience. The whole idea of work scared him but he knew he needed to get over that to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

Experiencing low vision and autism spectrum disorder (along with cognitive impairment and chronic pain syndrome), Lindsay had been given work trials before but nothing had really become permanent.

Lindsay was determined to keep pursuing his dream as he was passionate about food and cooking, and with the support of BUSY Ability who spent time working with him to build his confidence and BUSY At Work, he was finally given an opportunity to undertake a chef’s apprenticeship with Healthy Cooking Company, an all-natural meal delivery company based in Brisbane.

Lindsay was excited to start and it soon become clear that he has found his niche and a supportive workplace environment as he has been thriving ever since.

Shannon, his supervisor and Executive Chef at Healthy Cooking Company said “Lindsay is going really well, he’s got a great attitude and I’m very happy with his work. He is excelling in the role and with his training modules, we’re very happy with him”.

With a new sense of confidence and a clear career path before him, Lindsay is a new person.

“Work is accepting of me and my disability all the same, and are even open to hearing my opinions of what to put on the menu!  Thank you for believing in me”.

Jason Shield, CEO for BUSY Ability said “Everyone deserves the right to make a meaningful contribution through work. It may take some adjustments and an inclusive approach but employers who do take on someone with a disability soon find out that they have a loyal and dedicated employee who is more than capable. Thanks to Shannon at Healthy Cooking, Lindsay has an opportunity to pursue his career and we look forward to continuing to support his long term success”.

If your business is looking for staff, why not give someone with a disability a go? Call BUSY Ability on 1800 761 561 or email info@busyability.org.au for further information.

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