Josh Hanstock knows a lot about hospitals, having issues with his mental health since the age of 13, he had been in and out of hospital for the last fifteen years. This greatly impacted on his ability to undertake or maintain employment and after recently experiencing a three year period of unemployment, Josh was lacking confidence and was worried that if he didn’t find work soon his mental health would start to decline again.

Keen to find work, Josh approached BUSY Ability as he had heard about the support and assistance they could offer under the Disability Employment Services program and NDIS.

From the get-go, Josh’s consultant at BUSY Ability commenced intensive support. This included looking at Josh’s established skill sets, what skills and past experience were transferable, his transport availability, geographical area for job searching, training opportunities to brush up on some skills and most importantly establishing the kind of work Josh was interested in.

It wasn’t long before Josh was offered a part-time position in Ballina, thanks to BUSY Ability who negotiated with the employer as well as supporting him with suitable work clothing and on-the-job support. Even though Josh had to wake at 4am (Josh had three alarm clocks and a back-up phone call from a friend to ensure this happened) to allow him to get to work on time for a two-hour shift, it was enough to regain his sense of purpose and kick-start his confidence again.

BUSY Ability continued to support Josh through this period, working hard to source a more suitable job that was closer to home. Josh’s ultimate goal was to obtain employment within the Health system that had supported him for so many years.

Eventually, and with great excitement, BUSY Ability let Josh know that Lismore Base Hospital was interested in interviewing him.

The Manager at Lismore Base Hospital identified a role within domestic services that Josh would be able to undertake as, having had personal experience seeing others battle with mental health, he understood the importance and benefits of steady employment to a person’s well-being, as well as the benefits that diversity in the workplace can bring – a win-win for all.

“We are really proud of Josh and the persistence he has shown to ultimately gain a job that resonates with him. Struggling with mental health is a reality for many people and having meaningful work provides a purpose that many of us take for granted. We are also thankful to Lismore Hospital for giving Josh this opportunity. This is a wonderful result for Josh and we look forward to continuing to support his success while he is settling into his new employment”, Jason Shield, CEO of BUSY Ability, stated.

With BUSY Ability’s assistance Josh has finally achieved his employment goal and is a valued staff member at the hospital where previously he had spent time as a patient. Josh is proud to wear his hospital uniform and contribute to the overall experience of others having to spend time in Hospital.  BUSY Ability will continue to support Josh to ensure he is comfortable and performing successfully in his new role.

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