Some days are definitely better than others and Aidan recently had one of those better days, finding a great career path, and getting engaged to his long term girlfriend, all in the space of 24 hours.

When Aidan first entered the BUSY Ability office in Ipswich, his positivity was obvious and, working together with his employment consultant Lori, he did everything he could to increase his chances of finding work.

It wasn’t long before Lori found him a four-week work experience stint with a local Coles, which provided Aidan with some valuable retail skills and work references. His supervisor at Coles was very impressed with Aidan’s positivity but sadly the store did not have a permanent position available.

However, with the work experience under his belt, Aidan’s employment consultant then put Aidan forward for a retail traineeship position through BUSY At Work.

“BUSY Ability and BUSY At Work have honestly encouraged me so much and I feel that I have not let you down. Together we have been super committed to finding work. Now to have a traineeship and to be engaged to my now fiance – I just feel so supported from everyone – I couldn’t ask for anything better”, Aidan stated.

Jason Shield, CEO for BUSY Ability stated “We are extremely happy for Aidan and Sherie in their recent engagement and also feel privileged to be a part of Aidan’s career pathway. Supporting people like Aidan to find meaningful employment and a positive direction in their life, it’s what inspires us every day!”, CEO for BUSY Ability, Jason Shield, stated.

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